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Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Fixed Blade Wilderness Survival Knife w/ 5" Satin Blade, Black G10 Handle & Nylon MOLLE Sheath

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This is a well made survival/outdoor/bushcraft knife that was designed by Paul Scheiter. Some of you may recognize the blade as it is very similar to the outdoor knife designed by the legendary outdoorsman of late, Horace Kephart.


Secure Attachment

Six stainless steel Allen screws secure the handle slabs to the tang of the knife. This triple anchor prevents the handle from coming loose during abusive static shock activities like batoning and other forces that may be encountered during prolonged use.


The entire perimeter of the handle is rounded to provide a comfortable grip. This prevents hot spots and blisters that form on the hand after repeated handling of the knife. The Blackbird SK-5 features a deep front finger groove and protruding guard that greatly minimize the possibility of a finger slipping onto the blade and injuring the user.

Leveled Pommel

The pommel of the knife handle is leveled flat across the bottom and is positioned perpendicular to the direction of the blade. This allows the knife to be readily adapted to a sapling for crafting an improvised spear weapon. The level pommel also provides a greater surface area for light duty pounding tasks.

Lanyard Slot

The lanyard slot provides a convenient anchor point for attaching parachute cord to be used as a lanyard or wrist leash. The oblong slot allows a two-strand loop of cordage to be inserted and formed into a girth hitch. This is advantageous because it gives the user the ability to attach and remove the cord quickly and easily.


154CM Steel

The steel used in the Blackbird SK-5 is an American made steel that is known for its excellent blend of toughness, edge retaining ability, sharpness, and corrosion resistance. Most steels excel in one or two of these categories but are deficient in others. 154CM Steel is a strong balance of all the important qualities of a knife steel, which makes it an ideal choice for a blade that must endure heavy use in the field, be easy to sharpen with minimal equipment, and maintain its integrity during prolonged exposure to water.

Spear Point

The spine of the Blackbird SK-5 gently curves down to meet the very tip of the knife. This provides the greatest degree of "point strength" because there is more metal behind the point. In practical use, this feature gives the user a much more durable blade that is far less prone to tip snapping or complete breakage. It also provides a comfortable spot for the thumb of the assisting hand in detailed carving tasks.

Center Lined Tip

The point of the knife is positioned in the exact center of the blade in order to create the most efficiency for drilling into wood. Knives that are not "tip center lined" cause a "fanning" effect that is inefficient when used in a drilling configuration.

Full Taper Grind

The full taper grind refers to the main surface (or secondary edge) of the blade that runs from sharpened section all the way to the spine with no change of angle in between. This style of grind keeps the cutting angle as thin as possible which means the knife will carve through wood quickly and efficiently.

Flat Ground Edge

The sharpened portion of the edge is flat ground in order to provide an edge that is sharp, strong, and intuitive to sharpen in the field.

Abrupt Angle Change On Grind

The backside of the knife has an abrupt edge to it that is outstanding for use a striker against a ferrocerium fire starting device or any other conventional magnesium based fire starter.

Smooth Spine

The spine of the Blackbird SK-5 is smooth and comfortable to the touch along its entire length. It was intentionally designed to be free of any contours, texture, or jimping so that an assisting thumb can be used at any point along the spine with comfort and no worry of creating blisters.

Simple Straight Blade

The profile of the sharpened edge is clean and simple with the intention of being easy to sharpen in the field with a light duty sharpening kit. Because the sharp part of the blade extends all the way to the base of the handle, the most important section for heavy carving is retained instead of being lost to serrations which are minimally effective for most tasks.


Molle Compatible

A single strap on the back of the sheath makes it compatible with all MOLLE equipment like tactical vests and backpacks.

Belt loop

A conventional belt loop has also been sewn into the sheath so that it may be worn on the hip in the traditional belt mounted configuration.

Molle Attachment Points On Front

Two attachment points on the front of the sheath allow for modular accessory pouches to be added to the front of the sheath.

Protective Insert

The sheath features a rigid protective insert that protects the knife from damage but also protects the user from being injured by the knife during a fall, hard impact, etc.

Drain Hole

A grommet reinforced drain hole is positioned on the sheath just below the tip of the knife. This allows water to quickly exit the sheath in the event that the entire unit is submerged.

Blade Finish:
Blade Steel:
154CM Stainless
Blade Thickness:
.138 in (0.351 cm)
Blade Type:
Spear Point
Ontario Knife Company
Cutting Edge Length:
5 in (12.7 cm)
Handle Material:
Black G10
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
9.2 oz
Overall Length:
10 in (25.4 cm)
Rockwell Hardness:
58-60 RC
Total Weight:
12.7 oz
Lifetime Against Material & Workmanship Defects
This obviously is a knife reduced down to what's needed. Rambo would never pick it for a hollywood film!
Most will check out a knife they are interested in over on U-Tube and that's dandy but there are things you really need to have it in your hand to discover.
In my opinion, the edge is almost sharp. Perhaps a better way to look at it is that it's a very respectable starting point to start your sharpening process, to get the kind of edge you like. It's a little hard to tell but it seems the steel is a tad resistant to sharpening, once sharpened it's seems very resistant to dulling as well.
The handle works and is snug in the hand. Non-slipping with out being rough to the skin. The handle slabs are flat, if you like a handle with a "palm swell" or "belly" that's not this knife. Although I suspect that a person will become accustomed to it quickly.
The back of the blade has been left with a sharp edge to use on a fire-steel.

The eye is always attracted to the knife and the sheath seems to run a poor second place when we are considering a knife purchase. We carry the knife all the time but actually use it only a now and again. A poor sheath can cause all kinds of problems but we often don't consider it until we are putting the credit card back in our wallets.

I'm not a fan of fabric/nylon/plastic sheaths. Most look as if they were sewn in the fourteenth hour of some poor falun gong re-education workers shift. Not this one!!!
I looked and looked again and I can't find anything defective in the construction of this sheath. The snap clearly intends to keep your knife safe and secure, releasing only when the tab is pulled correctly. You will need to cornor the little booger to get it snapped closed as it's not a sloppy fit.

No one will ever see it but there is a nice quality touch the maker has included. You know how in sheaths of this type how the blade is left to rattle and clack in the sheath? Not this one! The ridgid plastic liner that protects the blade has some kind of firm "fuzz" that will not allow the blade to clang back and forth.

I've not said anything about the very reasonable price. People tend to equate a low price with poor quality.
Nothing about this knife and sheath can be considered less than first class.
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