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Hello and thanks for visiting the About Us page!

I like knives and obviously you do too! There is something about holding a finely crafted knife in your hand that prompts you to appreciate the careful attention given to its production, from the selection of materials on through to the exquisite details of the finished product.

I have been involved in marketing and customer service for about thirty years AND I appreciate fine knives so this web site is the result of combining these two interests.

The purpose of is:

1. to provide a world class shopping experience

2. to provide customer service that is second to none

3. to provide top quality products at tremendous savings

4. to offer information about knives that will allow you to make an
informed purchasing decision

5. to get your order in your hands as quickly as possible, and

6. to provide you with complete customer satisfaction.

You may wonder how we can offer such low prices and still provide fantastic service. It’s very simple… We go to a lot of effort to get the best pricing on the items that we offer AND we aggressively control our overhead costs.

So enjoy your visit and please feel free to contact me with any web site, product or customer service comments you may have.

At Your Service,