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LT Wright Handcrafted


There is an old building on L.T. Wright's property called the Pout House. L.T. has heard bits and pieces of The Pout House story from his family members over the years. If you were to sit around the fire with L.T. and ask him to tell the story, this is what you would hear…

"Years ago my Grandmother's uncle lived up on a mountain in the hills of West Virginia. He lived there with his wife and children and farmed the land. He built a little shack in the woods where he would go from time to time to get away from it all. It was a little one room place built up on sandstone with rough sawn lumber that he cut down and had a local saw mill rough saw. He did all the work himself. He didn't use a tractor or power tools— just a blind horse. He did all the work by hand. The roof was just overlapped wood and all the walls had cracks you could see through. Nothing special, just a couple of windows and a door with a sign on it that said KEEP OUT. No running water, no electric, and no insulation or drywall on the walls. It truly was a shack. Well a number of years ago while out hunting I found this shack. It was in rough repair and was barely visible through the underbrush. Being a youngster, I just had to investigate.

What I found was the remnants of what appeared to be just some old building. I asked my father about it and he told me my great, great, uncle had built it. He wasn't really sure why. Years went by and my father and I bought the farm and the old shack was part of the property. I just loved going up near there to hunt, it just seemed to call me to it. Every year I would start my hunt from that place. A couple of summers ago I asked my Grandmother about the old building up in the woods and she told me that her uncle had built it just to have somewhere to go. She said when her uncle would go up to the shack that her aunt used to say, "There he goes again up to that Pout House." She said that's where he would go when she had scolded him for something. I don't know all of the story or even how much of it is true, but from that moment on we referred to that shack as The Pout House."

That is the story of the Pout House. A remnant from generations before left on the family property. L.T. can go up to the Pout House and be reminded of his family members that came before him. He can admire the work that was done by hand so long ago and still holds up to this day. It has inspired him to work hard and create tools that can be passed from generation to generation just like good stories or even a Pout House.

We take pride in designing unique original working knives. From hunting to bushcrafting to cutting your meat and everything in between, LTWK has got you covered. All of these are brought to you by the folks here at L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives.