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Received my order yesterday and couldn’t be happier. The ESEE 5 is definite a quality knife and the custom handle really sets it off, not to mention the fact that the handle surface is an excellent surface to grip.

I really like the ability to purchase only the blade and then add the handle I desired. Your price, ease of ordering, email updates and deliver speed were all excellent. It’s rare these days to find a company that practices customer service. Thank you.
The knife connection is by far the best place online to purchase a quality blade. Fast shipping, great selection, great pricing. What more could you ask for!
Hi. Decidi escribir en mi idioma para testimoniar, que es posible adquirir cuchillos de excelente calidad en su país. "Dale" cumple en entregar el producto ofrecido y sin fallas. Agregando a su servicio un excelente trato post venta.
gracias desde Chile.

Translated: Hi . I decided to write in my language to bear witness , it is possible to acquire high quality knives at home. " Dale" plays in delivering the product offered without faults. Adding to its excellent sales service post treatment .
Thanks from Chile.
Amazing place to deal with, dale is top notch,even called me to answer questions personally,places like this are the future of online shopping,,,best prices on net,unreal customer service,these guys go above and beyond to get our business.
The shopping experience with TKC and Dale is irreplaceable! thumbs up!
For any Canadian customers, a very expeditious transaction. Ordered and shipped the same day. Had my Gunny Hunter in my hands 7 days later, shipped USPS first class to Ont, Ca. A beautifully made knife.


I got my Bravo 1.25 today. What amazing customer service you've provided! Very responsive to my last minute order change and STILL got it to me the very next day! Wow!

And I absolutely love the functionality, beauty, and craftsmanship of the Bravo blade.

Thanks for a very pleasant experience.


Seriously? I ordered a couple of Esee knives and G10 scales on Saturday very, very early AM and I received them on Monday before noon?

Who does that? Who ships on Saturdays?

Now granted, I'm in Ohio as in TKC, but still, I am completely blown away. I figured they get to my order sometime Monday or Tuesday if I was lucky.

Great customer service can't be beat!
Hey dale,
This is the third set of g10 scales I ordered from you and just gotta say they are amazing. There is nothing else like them. You guys have some of the best prices on knives and scales anywhere. Keep up the good work. I will be ordering a izula 2 very soon with custom scales as well. Great site. Thank you.
Dale, I gotta say, your customer service and fast shipping is boarder line crazy! I ordered my esee 4 Blade to go along with my TKC scales on July 3 and saw that it was shipped same day... I received it this morning-July 5 via priority mail. I didn't even know that priority mail ran on the 4th of July. We'll talk about a great American product, the esee 4 pairs with your handles and your service really shows what it is to be an American. Please feel free to copy this and post it to the new site. I hope everyone can share in the TKC experience. By the way. The Esee 4 is absolutely transformed from a great knife to the best knife I've felt in the $100-200 price range.... Probably beyond. Wow. That's all I can say Dale. Wow. I work in a big city police department, and am very used to getting low quality and refurb bad gear and making due. Nope. This has been awesome product and service. I'll be using the 4 to process wood for the bonfire tonight. Thanks again!
Dale, I just installed your ESEE 4 Series Custom Sporting/Field Handle Kit, and the difference is incredible. The fits my hand perfectly. The material is smooth, attractive and the new scales are perfectly sized. I can now use the knife the way I've always intended to.
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