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Exotac Matchcap XL - Gunmetal Gray

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The Exotac Matchcap XL is a survival match case with strikers. It is 3.60" long and 1.20" in diameter. It features textured aluminum construction with a lanyard loop. The match capacity is 40 kitchen matches, 32 NATO matches or 25 storm-proof matches. It holds matches up to 2.9" in length. (Note: For maximum match capacity, place a majority of the matches head up with a few head down. Two built-in strikers work well with both safety and strike anywhere matches.) It is O-ring sealed and waterproof to more than 5 meters. This XL version is the same design as the MATCHCAP original except it features larger, improved striking surfaces and larger diameter and height for increased capacity. The new design leaves up to 0.3" extra space for tinder storage when using storm-proof matches and nearly half of the MATCHCAP XL is available for storage if using kitchen matches. The extra space may also be used to store water purification tablets, medicine, fishing hooks, first aid supplies, etc.

Comes packaged with extra O-rings, extra match strikers, and instruction manual.Empty weight: 1.25 oz.Gunmetal Gray body.
1.5 oz

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