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TKC G10 Handle for Becker BK14, 24 - Blaze Orange

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Guaranteed to transform the look and function of your knife!
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Our Becker BK14 BK24 G10 Handle was designed with your hand in mind, to ergonomically improve your knife using experience. It features a finger groove on the both sides of the knife, providing more comfort and additional grip while using a variety of holds. The scales taper from the front to back so as you pull the cutting edge through material, your fingers are pulling against the wider angle giving you better grip and more cutting pressure. The generous lanyard opening of the Becker BK14 BK24 G10 Handle allows for larger diameter material, and also keeps the material off of the handle scales to prevent cord-related friction.

Each handle scale is CNC machined from a solid piece of premium G10 material to provide years of dependable service. The light textured finish provides excellent grip in slippery use situations, and cleans up easily.

Assembling your Becker BK14 BK24 G10 Handle is quick and easy. Basic instructions and mounting hardware are included.

This handle will work with all Ka-Bar manufactured, Becker Knife & Tool BK14 and BK24 knives and sheaths. It will not fit on ESEE Knives' Izula. We make another handle specific for the Izula.

All of our Custom Handle kits carry a lifetime warranty.

The maximum length of the scales are 3" (76.22mm) long & 1/4" (6.35mm) thick at the thickest part (each scale). The thickness of the BK14 with the scales installed (at the thickest part) is 11/16" (17.44mm)


G10 is an ultra-resiliant poxy-rosin based material that will withstand hard use scenarios with ease. Micarta handles use canvas, linen, or paper as the binding material, whereas G10 uses sheets of fiberglass for the binding material. Both are excellent choices for knife handle materials, but in lab tests G10 is a bit stronger.

Handle Length:
2 7/8" (7.30 cm)
Handle Material:
Handle Weight:
0.6 oz
Just got these today. Wow what a difference they make in terms of looks and feel. The texture on these are a lot more grippy than the g10 that my candiru has. The best way I can describe it would be that it feels like a dry smooth beach rock. The alignment with the handle is perfect as well. I recommend washing these when you get them because it seems to be packaged right off the cnc machine. It will go from dusty orange to a more deep orange after good washing. Highly recommended.

Note: There is a considerable amount of cleaning of the handles before packaging, however, they can still dry out over time, and have the dusty look. We do suggest that the customer wash them upon arrival, and if desired put a light coat of mineral oil on them to bring out the color, and then dry with a cloth. -- TKC
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