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Bark River Knives: Leather Sheath DropLoop - Black

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The SharpShooter Sheath System DropLoop is a unique way of lowering a sheath on your belt while maintaining a very secure mounting. You can use the DropLoop on just about any sheath that has a belt loop. When using many sheats, a good portion of the handle is above the top of the belt. Many people like this mode of carry as the knife is secure and out of the way but the handle can poke some people in the ribs, dig into their side or be difficult to reach, depending on their build and body shape.

The DropLoop is easy to use. Just choose which height adjustment holes you want to use, put the Kydex holding strap through the sheaths belt loop, snug the supplied screws up, slid the DropLoop to the desired position and tighten the screws. The brown DropLoop in the picture is for illustrative purposes. The item offered is black. (Sheath Not Included)

Bark River Knives
Black Leather
1.3 oz

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