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Adventurer DuraTech 20CV Stainless Steel


The new Bark River Knives Adventurer Neck Knife is very compact and easy to carry. The unique handle is ergonomic any way you need hold it and very secure in your grip. The handle has a relief for your thumb for use in a lateral hold for chores like skinning or cutting through a hide. As compact as the knife is, most people will still be able to have a four finger hold on the knife for most uses and the grooves on the top of the spine help locate the blade in the hand and also are handy for scraping a firesteel. The finger choil allows the user to choke up on the knife which gives better control for more detailed work. The over-all design makes the knife very nimble in the hand and easy to control.

The Adventurer is made with Latrobe Steels' DuraTech 20CV stainless steel which is probably the best of the "super steels" available. The combination of DuraTech 20CVs' ingredients, manufacturing methods and a Rockwell Hardness of 61-62 allow it to take a razor sharp edge and keep a sharp edge longer.

The Adventurer is the first knife that will use Bark River’s new Rare Earth Magnet Leather Neck Sheath. The knife is secure in the sheath when worn inverted and still easy to deploy and return to the sheath. The sheath also allows for pocket carry. Our #04 Sheath works very well with the Adventurer for those who want a belt carry sheath.

The knife is feather light and will do the cutting tasks of a larger knife. You will find that the DuraTech CPM 20CV powdered metal technology stainless steel is extremely fine grained and will take and hold a razor sharp edge. The Adventurer excels for fine work and performs very well for heavier cutting tasks when necessary.

Considering all of the great features of the Adventurer, it is quite possibly the finest every-day-carry knife that Bark River Knives has produced to date!

About DuraTech 20CV Stainless Steel

DuraTech 20CV is a highly wear resistant, powder metallurgy stainless tool steel. The steel contains a large volume of extremely hard vanadium carbides (4%), which provide excellent wear resistance. In CATRA tests, DuraTech 20CV steel had nearly twice the cutting edge retention of 440C! DuraTech 20CV contains the highest amount of chromium of any high-vanadium stainless steel currently available (20%). The chromium-rich matrix provides outstanding corrosion resistance. DuraTech 20CV is a versatile stainless tool steel with a unique combination of high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, good impact toughness, and excellent polish-ability. This combination of properties is the result of the fine grain size, small carbides, and superior cleanliness of the powder metallurgy (PM) micro-structure. DuraTech 20CV excels in applications, which require a combination of high wear resistance. The unique combinations of properties makes DuraTech 20CV an excellent steel for cutting tools.

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