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Woodsman Pro


The Woodsman Pro is a heavy duty, no-nonsense knife that is designed to handle a variety of outdoor tasks. The Woodsman Pro package provides for a great woods knife, hunting knife, bushcrafting knife and utility knife that can handle most tasks with ease.

Some consider the the Saber grind to be the best of everything... a thick spine that goes half way down the blade, a secondary edge convex sharpened for superior strength, and a true flat grind that's great for batoning and splitting wood. You can hone it easy enough on a strop and that's always good for field maintenance of the blade. The spine is sharpened square to throw a good spark while using a firesteel.

Some other features include: an easy to use lanyard hole that will accommodate paracord, leather thong, or just for hanging it on a hook at camp. A simple but comfortable handle shape which has a large finger guard that adds a measure of security for all cutting chores. The scales are attached with 2-ton epoxy and large fish eye bolts giving you the best in security and sealing so no fluids get behind the blade to damage it.

The new flap-over with button snap sheath is a very practical and versital design. The flap-over provides for a very secure hold while protecting the knife handle and keeping debris out of the sheath. Blind Horse Knives kept the D-ring dangler and traditional belt loop setup so you still have two different carry options with the new retention. A firesteel loop is fastened on the blade cutting edge side of the sheath. The Woodsman Pro sheath also has two rivet holes for attaching other gear of your choosing. The knife comes standard with a right hand carry sheath but a left hand sheath is available. These are hand made by Blind Horse Knives and complete the "Made in the USA" package.

The Woodsman Pro is one sturdy, dependable knife that is sure to please!