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Woodland Special (S35VN Steel)


The Woodland Special has been a part of Bark River Knives' line since the beginning in 2001 when they were still out in the converted dairy barn in Bark River. It is one of the first models.

For 2012, Bark River Knives made some major changes. The new Woodland Specials are made in Crucible Steel's CPM S35VN super stainless steel. They also added the lanyard extension of the Fox River and then added a stainless steel bolster. The handle slabs are now attached with epoxy and Corby bolts instead of pins. The S35VN stainless has proven to be great for both taking and holding an edge and is the toughest of the high carbon stainless alloys. All of these changes have really made this into almost a new nodel. It will do all of the work of the standard model but has the added advantage of being very corrosion resistance.

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