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Wolf River (S35VN Steel)


The Bark River Knives Wolf River is back! We have been getting requests for this knife for a long time and after a few years; it is now available again in the “super steel”, CPM S35VN.

The Wolf River is based on the historical Bull-Nosed Skinner design that hunters, trappers and butchers have used for centuries. The design of the knife allows it to work very efficiently due to the fact that blade shape works naturally with the movements of your arm. Professional butchers use this type of knife all day long. By pairing the Wolf River knife with a nice field knife, you have a great combination for field dressing and processing wild game.

Not only does the Wolf River excel at wild game processing, it is one of the handiest knives you can have in your kitchen for cutting meat and doing other food preparation tasks.

The Wolf River comes with a high quality, ambidextrous leather belt sheath.

About CPM S35VN Steel

CPM S35VN was designed to be the perfect blend of stain resistance, toughness, edge stability and edge holding. It is like their earlier CPM S30v but they have re-balanced its elemental make up and added Niobium carbides along with vanadium and chromium carbides for added grain refinement, strength and toughness. CPM S35VN is about 15-20% tougher than S30V without any loss in wear resistance. It is also tougher than most other stainless alloys that are used in knife making. Because both vanadium and niobium carbides are harder and more effective than chromium carbides in providing wear resistance, the CPM stainless blade steels offer improved edge retention over conventional high chromium steels such as 440C and D2.

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