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Welcome to The Knife Connection, 2.0!

by Administrator Stoops

Same People. Same Great Service. More Exciting Features!


Today we launched a complete revision of our web store and want to begin by thanking you, our customers, who have supported us over the last 6 years to make this step forward a reality. We greatly appreciate your business, and are committed to serving you.

Planning for this website design began over 2 years ago, and month by month we have steadily worked toward the final product, which is our concept of the premier knife shopping experience!


Previous Website

In 2008, the-knife-connection.com was started as a friendly, informative and easy to use web store, where you could find and purchase premium knives and accessories. Our original store was built on an older ecommerce platform that was stable and secure, but lacked many features our customers requested. Beginning 2012 it became increasingly clear a "total overhaul" was needed. We began our search for the platform that would retain all the characteristics of the original store, while making it easy for the customer to find what they are looking for, whether it be from a search-as-you-type search box, an organized dropdown menu bar, or a powerful filtering system (located on the left side of your screen on any category page). After months of reasearch and hard work, we have found and built such a system, bringing you the highest level of shopping enjoyment.


the-knife-connection.com now re-directs to theknifeconnection.NET, which is now our primary domain. Please update your bookmarks as needed. This decision was made in an effort to simplify search queries, marketing, and general browsing.


AlphaSSL 256-bit Security Provided

Let's face it, web security is a big deal these days. Our new website is more than a "pretty" interface, we have also "hardened" our security protocols. Our security certificates have been upgraded from 128-bit encryption to 2048 bit root strength & 256 bit encryption strength. Our SSL certificate is provided by leader in the security industry, AlphaSSL. You may shop without worry, knowing that cutting edge security measures are enabled to protect the transmission of your personal information. We have never, and will never share a customer's personal information with any third party. Period.

Change in Shipping Policy

99.99 Free Shipping!

We previously offered free shipping on orders of $40.00 or more. Now we offer free shipping for orders of $99.99 or more, however, please be advised that most items under $99.99 have been lowered in price, so that your overall cost is nearly the same across the board.

Customer Accounts Illustration

Customer Accounts

A weakness in our previous platform, was the inability for a customer to create and login to their own personal account. This is very useful when you wish to check an order status, review previous orders, manage return requests and status', or manage personal wishlists & compare lists. All these things and more are now fully available to you with our new system!

Checkout As Guest

While these features are incredibly useful, we also understand that some wish to leave a smaller "footprint" on the web. We fully appreciate and respect this decision, and for this reason we will never require you to create an account in order to purchase from and use the other features in our store.

At checkout, there will alway be a "Checkout As Guest" option, allowing you to checkout without creating an account first.

Order Status and History

Checking your order status and order history (even if you do not have an account) is now incredibly easy on our website. At the top of the screen click My Account Button, then enter your order number OR email address in the "Order ID/Email" field, and submit. That's it!

Wishlist & Compare List

Wishlist / Compare List Quick Add Buttons

ADD TO WISHLIST & ADD TO COMPARE buttons have been added to all products throughout the site, making it convenient to add and keep track of and compare products you like.

Product Notification Requests:

Following close behind Customer Accounts, was the inability to notify customers when a particular product will be back in stock. Many customers wish to be notified when a product is back in stock, and understandably so! We took this into careful consideration, and are happy to now provide a streamlined, automatic notification system for any out-of-stock product on our site!

Product Notification Feature

How to sign up for a product notification request:

1. browse to the desired item page

2. click "Notify me when this product is back in stock"

3. enter your email address & submit.

4. Our system will instantly send you an email notification when the quantity of the desired item is updated!

Powerful Drop-down Menu

More navigation options means more speed! We have designed powerful dropdown menus allowing you to browse knives based on the Knife Maker, or by The Way the Knife will be Used. Any location in the entire store's catalog may be quickly accessed by clicking a main button of the menu bar, or by hovering over the botton and clicking a submenu item. Check it out!



Perhaps you have used google or some other search engine that starts giving you search results, as soon as you start typing. This can be a very handy feature to see the "live" results of your search as you type. This feature is now available at theknifeconnection.net! Just go to the search box and begin typing! Results based on the letters or number you type will begin to give instant results.

Powerful Filtering System

Search-As-You-Type is fantastic, but finding the perfect knife is detailed business! There are so many things to consider. Sometimes you just need more.... For those who appreciate detail, we have taken extra time to set up a filtering system for nearly every product in this store. From any category page, like for example Knives By Maker, you will see the "REFINE BY" column at the left side of the screen. Use this filtering system often, and learn to harness the power available. You can narrow a selection of hundreds of knives to a few by just thinking about it! Just kidding, but it's almost that easy!

Narrow your search by selecting variables like Price, Brand, Steel Type, Blade Length, and more! You may expand or collapse each filter by clicking on it.

News & Social Media

In the past, we have made use of social media newsfeeds such as facebook and twitter, but not in a large way, primarily due to lack of time. In the near future our goal is to improve the flow of news and updates through this news feed, facebook, twitter, and a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter. Stay tuned!

We Need You!

We adhere to a proactive development philosophy. We understand that the needs of our customers are continually changing. We are here to serve you, and to provide you the best possible shopping experience. If there is a feature you feel would improve your shopping experience, please let us know! We will take under careful consideration any comments and suggestions you may have. Together with your input, we want to continue the flow of high quality knives and gear to your home.

At Your Service,

Dale Stoops, Owner