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Valkyrie Knives (Adam Andreasen)


About Valkyrie Knives (Adam Andreasen)

I chose the name of VALKYRIE to honor my Danish heritage. The Andreasen clan is one of the three original families of ship builders from the Island of Laeso off the coast of Denmark. My Great grandfathers, great uncles, and father are not only craftsman, but warriors who have fought for our country. I guess craftsmanship is in my blood, when I was 14 I told my dad I wanted to make a knife, so I started a fire in the back yard and kneeled a file in the coals. I used a file and some hand tools in the garage to fashion a knife... my family was impressed. When I was 16 instead of saving for and buying a truck, I bought a belt grinder, and my dad helped me build a shop in the basement. I designed and crafted a couple blades and took them to the 2013 blade show. There I met Andy Roy, Knife maker and the owner of Fiddleback Forge Knives. Andy was impressed enough with my skill to take me on as an apprentice. After 1 year, at the age of 18 I am a voting member of the Georgia Knife makers Guild and Andy has made me Shop Manager where we produce 30 to 45 custom knives a week. With Andys encouragement to create, I have opened my brand... VALKYRIE KNIVES.

Even though Adam is a young knife maker, his knives exhibit the character of a long-time knife maker. It is clear that he has the discipline, skill and desire to produce top shelf handmade knives and we are proud to be the first dealer to carry his knives.

It should be noted that even though Adams knives appear similar to what Andy Roy produces, they are in fact, quite different as Adam has different models, different blade grinds and uses different steels.

For those of you who collect knives, this is a great opportunity to "get in on the ground floor" with this young knife maker.