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Twisted Limb Customs: Firesteel w/ Bocote Handle & Leather Lanyard with Matching Bead

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Each Twisted Limb Customs firesteel is handmade with the utmost of care by two craftsmen in the USA. Quality materials are carefully selected, shaping is done and then assembly is completed giving attention to detail so the fit and finish is excellent. The overall length is 4.25" with the ferrocerium rod being 2.875" long and the handle 1.375" long. The rod diameter is .313" (5/16") and the handle diameter is .625" (5/8"). The select wood is stabilized for durability and a matching bead is threaded on the leather lanyard. The rod is fastened into the handle using epoxy and a pin so it will never come loose.

This will work in either a 5/16" or 3/8" firesteel loop. If used in a 3/8" loop, be especially careful to use the lanyard as a tether.

The ferrocerium rod will last up to 10,000 strikes.

PLEASE NOTE: Any firesteel handles made from natural materials such as wood or bone may vary slightly in color and texture from the example pictured here.

Twisted Limb Customs
Handle Material:
Overall Length:
Total Weight:
1.3 oz

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