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Trail Buddy


The much anticipated Bark River Knives Trail Buddy is now available!

What we have here is the marriage of a classic style hunting knife with modern modifications that has resulted in a very desirable knife.

The original version of this style was designed in 1914 and was the single most popular Hunter/Skinner in North America until the 1970s.

This is Mike Stewart’s version of the Marbles Woodcraft that was designed by the famous turn of the century writer and editor, G.W. Brooks.

Mike’s version of the design has a lower point and it actually makes it more usable for a wide number of tasks.

This is also the first time that this design has been made in a high quality full tang model which improves durability.

This is not only a great and usable knife, it is an industry history maker because it is actually more like what the original designer wanted it to be.

Just like the name implies, this knife is a real “trail buddy” when you head out on your hunting trip. It will handle large game animals from deer to moose with ease. It also makes a great camp knife for handling cooking chores.

Get yours today & find out why this knife really is a “trail buddy” that you can count on!

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