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TOPS Knives, TPTBT-030 Tom Brown Tracker #3 Fixed Blade Stainless Steel Knife w/ Black Linen Micarta Handle

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The Tracker #3 (T3) is every bit as useful as the original, with a 154 CM stainless steel sawback blade. It is also a bit smaller than the original.

Designed by Tom Brown Jr. this has been one of the most popular knives produced by TOPS for many years. This design was made for chopping, skinning, carving, gutting, scoring, cutting, slashing, slicing, and just about anything else you would need to do in the wilderness.

Download The Instruction Booklet: HERE

This knife was designed by Tom Brown to be a durable Survival Knife. It is 10 5/8" overall. It has a 5.5" ATS-34 stainless steel saw-back traction coated blade. This knife excels at batoning tasks, fuzz sticks, and other wilderness/survival tasks. The full tang design gives maximum durability. The black linen micarta handles are lightweight and provide an excellent grip. The lanyard hole at the back of the handle provides versatility when securing your knife. This Tom Brown Tracker comes with a heavy duty kydex sheath which features dual clips. Packaged with TOPS emergency whistle.

Blade Finish:
Black Traction Coated
Blade Length:
Blade Steel:
154CM Stainless
Blade Thickness:
TOPS Knives
Handle Material:
Black Linen Micarta
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
13.3 oz
Overall Length:
10 5/8"
Rockwell Hardness:
56-58 RC
Unique Features:
Saw-Back Blade
Lifetime of Original Purchaser
A wonderful gift from my wife, as well as a slot at the Tom Brown Jr. Standard class. I have now been carrying it for several years and using it weekly I have found things I love and things I would change. It is smaller than the T1, which for me is good, as I have gotten to use all 4 in the series, and honestly like the sizes of the 2 and 4 best. What is great: The steel on the T3 is ATS34, which I really like, it holds an edge, resists rust, splits wood, carves like a champ, and resharpens with ease. The design is not a gimmick, everything has a purpose, if it works for you awesome, if not look somewhere else. What would I change, I would kill the silly heavy powder coat, I hate it, and am in the process of sanding it off. The spine is not 90 degrees and is coated, so a quick kiss of the dremmel tool that was fixed. Then there is the "saw/notching tool" I never really use it enough to like it...and it gets in the way in alternate grips, as well as destroying your batons if you don't happen to have an axe/tomahawk to process wood. I really do like it, just it is not perfect. I also would have made it thinner, but that is just me.
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