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Our revolutionary Ontario RAT-7 knife builder allows you to easily create the knife of your dreams. First you begin with the blade, and build up from there, selecting the handle color of your choice, sheath, and other accessories like firesteels, loops, and more.


Ontario Knife Company


After a couple of weeks having fun with one of the RAT 7 from you guys, I think it is time to let you guys know what I think about this work of art.

1. The handle: It's perfect for my hand, right or left. It feels super comfortable in the hands. No shock once so ever during chopping, the choil and jimping do give some extra grip of the knife for finer tasks. The handle is super easy to clean up, an extra plus compared to the micarta. I DO LOVE THE G10 HANDLE. Maybe a little bit of thinning of the handle, where the handle and the choil meet, would add even more grip during fine tasks, like the cutout on the Dark Timber Honey Badger.

2. The sheath. I personally think this is the best carry system on the market. Nice and snugged input, easy output, can't ask for more than that. The cutout of the sheath also makes it compatible with almost every attachment out there on the market. I have a tek lok on it and it gives me all the options for carrying positions. I DO LOVE THE SHEATH.
Please, don't change the cutout. It's perfect already. Some might say it's a bit square but screw them. It's perfect.
Okay let me start out that I'm a huge Esee fan. I have a Esee 5, and two Esee 6's. I bought the RAT 7, for a beat to death knife. That's what I've done, used this knife hard. Splitting wood, building shelters, cutting up game; I've used this because I like the Esee, so much. Well durning the course of this, I realized I like this knife better. It's my "goto". People can say what they want, but for Alaska, this knife was created for here. I have moras, Falkniven, Ka-Bar, Bark Rivers, also. I carry this RAT-7.
Great little kit. I wanted to get the Ontario RAT 7, but wanted to upgrade it with TKC custom scales which look amazing btw. Now I don't have to choose, cuz I can go strait to upgraded scales and sheath in one great bundle. plus the various forms of attachment are just icing on the cake for me. 5/5, will buy again. great knife too.
The custom Ontario RAT 7 knife that I built on your knife builder was perfect and could've asked for more! The knife came razor sharp, g10 handles fit well, were good looking, and had a great grippy texture (but not overly grippy)! The kydex sheath fitted the knife perfectly!
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TKC Knife Builder: ONTARIO RAT-7



Next add a sheath and other accessories if desired.

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 5-Step Knife Builder

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