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ESEE 6 Knife Builder - TheKnifeConnection


Our revolutionary knife builder allows you to easily create the knife of your dreams. First you begin with the blade, and build up from there, selecting the handle color of your choice, sheath, and other accessories like firesteels, loops, and more.

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ESEE Knives


Just want to say how pleased I am with this combo.
The scales bring the knife to an exceptional level, and the sheath is an asset to the knife that fits and works perfectly.
I have had Fallkniven, Spartan Blades and RMJ Tactical knives that were more than double the price in some cases. Those are fine products to be sure...but with the upgrades your company has brought to the sturdy and well made Esee blade...the question is, WHY buy those others???

Thank you, I'll be back for more...
I ordered my Esee 6 build kit on a Tuesday, and got it on Thursday. Awesome turnaround! The knife is excellent as expected, and the custom handles and sheath are very well made. I love the fact that I got to partially assemble it! I see more knife builds from here in my future
I ordered an ESEE 6 with black/orange G10 handles. The handles look great and are very comfortable. Shipping was very fast.
Great service and product. Shipped out very fast. Assembly took 5 minutes, very simple. Easier than legos. Great fit and finish on the blade and scales. However the upgraded Kydex sheath I purchased with it does leave black marks on my scales and has a few rough edges that looks like it was milled with a file and the extra "peeled" pieces were just left hanging off of it.
I ordered an ESEE 6P, earth camo scales, black kydex sheath w/adjustable tension. & a black, #52 accessories pouch. Merchandise arrived four days later! Everything had an excellent fit, & your service is outstanding. Rugged, ergonomic quality blended with upgraded scales & sheath should provide a lifetime of service & enjoyment. I'm sincerely grateful for your meticulous attention & superb inventory. As Arnie said, "I'll be back!"
Heard about TKC and the knife-builder option through Gideonstactical on Youtube.

Prompt shipping!!!!

This is my ultimate Esee 6 with TKC G-10 handles and LTW kydex kryptic sheath. What a combo!!! The knife is awesome. Batonned it through the same knot that killed my Kabar USMC knife (the stick-tang bent) The Esee 6 came through that knot with flying colors and decimated many more 3-4 inch splits.

You guys rock!
Fantastic purchase experience!
1) Excellent communication. My questions regarding stock availability and sheath choices were answered quickly and completely.
2) Fast shipping. I received my order within 3 days of ordering it (with free shipping).
3) Great product. The knife is everything I expected. Razor sharp. The custom G10 handles fit perfectly and really make the knife your own. Quality workmanship.
I'll definitely be ordering from the Knife Connection again!!
Love this knife!! Comes straight out of the package ready to shave your beard!!! Ordered it on Monday and got it Thursday!!
Customer service from dale is the best I've ever received , the esee 6 speaks for itself .. Handle scales and kydex just add to it.. 100% satisfied !! Only problem is that now I want to order 2 more . Fast delivery ! Perfect service ! Good price!
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TKC Knife Builder: ESEE 6


Next add a sheath and other accessories if desired.

Click "Add to Cart" when complete.

 5-Step Knife Builder