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ESEE 5 Knife Builder - TheKnifeConnection


Our revolutionary knife builder allows you to easily create the knife of your dreams. First you begin with the blade, and build up from there, selecting the handle color of your choice, sheath, and other accessories like carry attachments, firesteel loops, and firesteels.


ESEE Knives


5 Stars, Absolutely no doubt about that!
So after a good many years of searching for a great, all purpose knife that is designed to go through any extreme condition by your side and get you back home... which also doesn't cost as much as a quality rifle... I've finally gone with an ESEE 5. At first, the 1/4" thickness and 16oz weight was a bit of a turn off to me... I can literally shave with this rather thick blade. Paired with excellent quality TKC G10 handles, this knife feels amazing in your hands! (For size reference, my hands kind of fall right between Large and X-Large size gloves, and the contour of the G10 handles fit flawless with just a little bit of extra room) Their handles actually make this blade feel a lot less bulky than it is, especially compared to the original ESEE 5 handles which are a lot more square with curved edges. The original Green Canvas Micarta does offer a good amount of traction though, It seems a little more porous than the G10... which could be a downside to cleaning the knife.
5 Stars on just the Handles alone TKC! (I went with an OD Green blade, with Black and Brown 3x3 handles). I think if ESEE offered Flat Dark Earth on the blade, they'd sell like crazy right now... I definitely would have went that route!
I went with the Partially serrated blade due to the amount of times they could have come in handy with the previous knife I had been carrying. They are designed in a way that makes sharpening the serrations and around them, not difficult at all. The grind on this blade has been the most symmetric out of any knife I've ever owned... almost comparable to the perfection of an archery broadhead. Anymore I prefer a steel blade over stainless. However, it adds more maintenance and coatings in this case. The Laser etching on the blade has great detail, but the only thing I don't like is that it's down to the bare steel and unfinished. I plan on filling in the laser etching with some leftover acrylic urethane on the OD green, so everything is still visible, just coated to keep from rusting.
The Kydex sheath is nice and simple, yet does an excellent job retaining the knife. There's a drainage hole and lots of lashing eyelets as well as an included belt clip. That slider retention system on the Kydex works excellent for adjusting tension. I still had a short Spec-Ops brand sheath from prior endeavors in life, the ESEE 5 fits great in that as well... However, there is some really nice sheathing options available on this site, in the accessories.
All in all, I am 100% satisfied with the purchase(s). Shipping was exceptionally fast, actually both orders showed up a day earlier than estimated. The knife builder is definitely the way to go, get yourself some of the TKC G10 handles for the ESEE, or whatever knife you choose...Your hands will thank you! Just picking the color scheme can be tough with the choices available! This ESEE 5 is definitely going to be great to have on my side when I finally get out to set up camp, clean up the orchard as well as preparation for/and hunting. To The Knife Connection, Thank you for the fast, great service as well as helping me make a decision that has been on my mind for over 5 years now!
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TKC Knife Builder: ESEE 5


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