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TKC: ESEE 6 Kydex Sheath w/ Slide Lock and Leather Backer, Flat Dark Earth - Fall

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Purchase an affordable yet quality Kydex sheath rig for your ESEE 6 knife. We have partenered with LT Wright Handcrafted Knives, to bring you a Kydex sheath and accessories setup, to expand your carry options. Each sheath is hand made and features LT Wright's Slide Lock securing system. Both ESEE 6 Stock handles as well as TKC G10 handles snap crisply into the sheath. The sheath opening is flared making it easier to insert your knife.

This sheath is designed to be versatile, and is able to be used in high-ride or low-ride positions with the included leather drop loop, simply by changing the position of the screws. Also designed to be compatible with many accessories including:

Add our Kydex Firesteel loop to be able to attach a Firesteel to the sheath.

Many customers have requested kydex sheaths for the ESEE 6 knife, and we are pleased to be able to now offer these products.


Kydex / Leather
Unique Features:
Leather Drop Loop
Against Manufacturer Defects
The stock plastic sheath that ships with the ESEE 6 is just a bit on the clunky side. It does the job but it really wasn't working out. Each time the knife was drawn from the stock sheath flakes of plastic would be on the blade.

The dark earth Kydex sheath by comparison was a smooth and secure fit for the knife, even with the TKC scales installed, it fits into the sheath securely and smoothly without any scuffing on the hilt of the scales. The fit and finish of this product are excellent. The locking mechanism is a bonus feature to help ensure that the blade will be in the sheath every time you reach for it. In my case, I removed the leather dangle that ships with the sheath and attached it to the stock sheath as a backup. The Kydex sheath is now attached to the ESEE molle sheath adapter so that I can attach it to the outside of my pack or wear it as drop leg system. Great product, good price and prompt delivery. Can't ask for more!
This is the one we've been waiting for.
TKC has outdone themselves with this sheath. Absolutely beautiful leather and flawless kydex. Drain hole:✔ Superb (worry free) retention:✔ Supper comfortable and far less bulky than the molle system. Thank you Dale and LT Wright for the making such a perfect sheath.
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