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Silver Stag Knives


Silver Stag Knives™ have captured the essence of a bygone era by combining skilled American labor with natural raw materials to produce unique, functional and attractive one-of-a-kind field tools. Designed and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest, the Silver Stag product line is a collection of stain-resistant, Damascus, and high carbon cutlery, featuring shed North American deer, elk, or moose antler handles.The Silver Stag™ lines feature 50 different designs, each one categorized into one of six series based on the design, steel, and antler used in the manufacturing process.

Smith and Partners, LLC. the manufacturer of Silver Stag™ products is proud to exclusively use American suppliers for all raw materials used in the fabrication of their functional and durable cutlery products.

Prior to manufacturing, raw antler is trimmed, cut, and sorted based on the horns' diameter, curvature, and natural characteristics. The antler is then assigned to a specific blade design. This process enhances comfort and product performance for every finished product.

After a specific blade has been designed, manufactured and field tested, Smith and Partners, LLC. adds that particular design into production, utilizing additional local subcontractors for laser cutting and heat treating to conform to the highest quality blade standards in the industry.

Silver Stag products have been designed and manufactured by sportsmen, and every style is durable, functional, and will deliver exceptional field results when hunting, camping, or fishing. Due to our exclusive use of raw materials and our unique hands-on manufacturing process, no two Silver Stag products will ever be identical.

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