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S-T-S - 8


The STS-8 is based on the very popular STS-5 knife. The handle is the same but the blade is wider & 8.5" long instead of 5".

Following is the history of the STS-5 knife:

This beast of a knife is the civilian version of a fighting knife that was requested by & designed for a U.S. Marine Corps Force Recon Unit.

The use of a knife as a weapon had really been mostly phased out for all U.S. Armed Forces but the face and nature of warfare in the last 10 yers has changed. With encounters becoming face to face, it has been time for some new strategy and some new training of Elite Units.

Note that the handle slabs are Contoured and the Palm Swell is more forward than on a Bushcraft Knife or a Hunting Knife. All three of the last fingers of the hand curl behind the Swell and into a recessed contour of the slabs when holding the knife in Turse with Blade forward. When held in Blade Reverse Grip the Palm Swell is perfectly centered in the Palm. The underside of the knife's handle is "Self Righting" in the hand no matter how you pick it up. The Butt of the knife is Rounded but protrudes just enough to be used as a Yawara in toe to toe encounters to gain that split second advantage.

As You can see this knife was not casually designed and will serve our Brothers and Sisters in Arms well.

Even though the style is for fighting, the overall design lends itself well for a variety of outdoor tasks. It is built like a tank & will handle the toughest of tasks.

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