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S-T-S - 4


The NEW Bark River Knives STS-4 knife hits the “sweet spot” as far as size for the STS series of tactical/field knives. It’s big enough to do some serious work yet small enough to easily pack or carry. It’s “built like a tank” and will handle heavy duty use with ease.

The brawny STS-4 will baton wood at camp like there’s “no tomorrow”, then handle field dressing for that trophy elk you downed, including popping those big leg joints. Military personnel will appreciate the tactical aspects of the STS-4 and will soon find out that it’s “a keeper” after a time or two of use.

The generous size handle with palm swells will provide you with a good grip and allow you to really work the knife.

Take a look at these specifications and you can easily see the benefits of owning this knife… A 4”, .190” thick blade made from super tough 154CM stainless steel, full tang construction and handle scales made from super durable Micarta or G10. Bark River Knives has “covered all of the bases” on this fine knife.

The STS-4 is one of the most practical knives that Bark River Knife makes. Get one today and you will see why!

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