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Rogue Bowie


The Bark River Knives Rogue Bowie is Bark River’s modern rendition of the first authentic Bowie knives produced in the United States. The “Bowie” knife became famous when in 1827, Jim Bowie had a fight on the Vadalia sandbar in Natchez Mississippi. The fight became famous because of the knife that Jim Bowie used. Soon, local blacksmiths were taking orders for “a knife like Jim Bowie’s knife” and a legend was born.

Today, the Rogue Bowie is an excellent representation of the first “Bowie” knife as it is patterned off of a historic knife housed in the Arkansas state museum. Not only is the Rogue Bowie period correct, but the expertly crafted sheath is as well.

Don’t let the great looks of the Rogue Bowie fool you! Beneath that stunning appearance is a knife just waiting to take on the toughest of tasks! Like all Bark River Knives, this knife is built tough and made to be used. Featuring a full exposed tang, a blade thickness of .215”, a blade length of 7.125” and weighing 11.75 ounces, the Rogue Bowie packs a serious punch!

The Bark River Knives Rogue Bowie is a great knife for the collector and knife user as well!

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