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Queen Cutlery


The mid-1930s were a difficult time for many American industries including the cutlery industry. Many once famous and thriving cutlery companies met their demise in this era of economic difficulty. One of them, the Schatt and Morgan Cutlery Company of Titusville, Pennsylvania came to an end after nearly four decades of producing some of the finest cutlery known in the history of the industry. Five former employees, E. Clarence Erickson, Jesse F. Barker, Harry L. Mathews, Geza Revitzky, Frank Foresther who had been previously released from Schatt and Morgan, started their own business in 1922. They named their new company “Queen City Cutlery” after their hometown of Titusville, which was quite often referred to as the Queen City. They developed a thriving contract business and were still doing well when their former employer, Schatt and Morgan closed their doors in the 1930s. At a sheriff’s auction, the Queen City Cutler Company’s founders bought all the holdings, land, buildings, and equipment of the bankrupted Schatt and Morgan Company.

In the late 1960s, a time of modernization and diversification, many cutlery businesses were closing their doors or being purchased for corporate diversification. In 1969 the ancestors of the five Queen City founders felt their business would survive better being a part of a corporate conglomeration. Queen Cutlery Company was purchased by Servotronics Corporation of Buffalo, New York, Since that time Queen Cutlery has gone back to its roots still using some of the old Schatt and Morgan equipment, tooling and processes and has become the finest manufacturer of high quality antique style pocket knives and hunting knives in the U.S. today. The former Schatt and Morgan brand is considered the most valuable collectable pocketknife available, and the Queen Cutlery branded knives are the finest built user knives on the market.

This great country of ours is Big, Vast, and Beautiful. It was built, and has grown, because of our forefathers’ sincere love for what they believed in and their dedication to doing what they did best, by accepting nothing less than the best. This same tradition for excellence is the backbone built into every blade, every bolster, liner, backspring, pin and every other part of a Queen knife!

The Queen Cutlery branded knife is the finest built user knife on the market. That will never change!