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Pro Scalpel (3V Steel)


The very popular Pro Scalpel is now available in the "Super Steel", CPM 3V. This knife is part of the Professional Series. It is a Lightweight knife for caping and light, fine tasks.

The Bark River Pro Scalpel is a true fixed blade pocket scalpel. The handle is made for a very secure three-finger grip and the blade cuts like a laser. The knife is perfect in the pocket or in your Personal Survival Kit as a back-up. The knife excels at tasks like caping or for any fine detail work.

The Pro Scalpel can also be paired up to any of Bark River Knives' larger knives for field carry and to help with very fine chores that the larger knife might not be as well suited.

This chart will give you an idea of how CPM 3V steel compares to A2 steel & some other steels.

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