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Pocono Pocket Sheath, Brown

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The Pocono is a slimmer, more styled version of the Adirondack pocket sheath.

Like the Adirondack, the Pocono's tapered shape allows it to sit in the front or back pocket perfectly. It doesn't move around or allow the knife to turn over. Because of the design, it doesn't "print" in your pants so no one will know you have your knife handy. But this new design is slimmer and allows more versatility of carry. The Pocono fits in smaller pockets and is less obtrusive in your pocket.

The sheath side provides for the carrying of a variety of small fixed blade knives. The second pocket is designed to carry a AA or AAA flashlight, pen or similar sized item.

Brown Leather
Great sheath,made of excellent quality leather.Holds perfect my LTWK Patriot.
Excellent services from the shop and superb communication.
Thank you very much.
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