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PocketSlip Pocket Knife Large Pouch - Brown

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Have you ever bought a nice pocket knife, carried it in your pocket for a while only to discover that pocket wear has damaged your fine knife?

When you consider the price of a quality pocket knife, you really don?t want it to get all scratched up by keys, coins and other important things that are in the same pocket. The PocketSlip is the answer.

The PocketSlip is made with top quality, vegetable tanned leather. Cheaper pouches use inferior chrome tanned leather. Chrome tanned leather can (read WILL) cause corrosion problems with your knives. Vegetable tanned leather doesn?t have any of the harmful chemicals in the hide so your knives are protected even from the sheath itself. Vegetable tanned leather starts out stiff but wears very well and forms perfectly to your knife.

The designers took what they knew about sheaths and applied it to the simple, traditional slipjoint pouch and added a welt. The welt allows you to put a larger, thicker knife in a more compact sheath. It just makes sense to make it take less space in your pocket.

Then some really innovative design features were added:

Arches - Obviously they look very nice but they serve a purpose. The arches allow the PocketSlip to protect a larger knife while allowing you easier access to it.

Eyelets - These give added strength at the highest stress points on the PocketSlip giving you years of quality use. Thread a chain through the the eyelets and you can carry your pocket knife around your neck or use paracord to tie the PocketSlip in your pack. Of course there are other innovative ways to use the eyelets as well.

Debris Openings - One of the problems of putting a pouch in your pocket is that it naturally collects dirt and other debris through normal use. Of course dirt and debris is abrasive. Openings were put at the bottom to allow that dirt to just fall out?away from your knife.

Push to Eject - The bottom of the sheath is designed to help you get your knife out. Just push the knife up from the bottom and take ahold of it with your other hand.

The PocketSlip is is a very practical way to pocket carry your pocket knife.

It has a 1 1/2" wide opening and will accomadate knives up to 5" long.
Brown Leather
2.2 oz

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