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New Website Layouts for Mobile Phones & Tablets!

by Administrator Stoops

We realize that an increasing number of you are using iPhones/smartphones and iPads/tablets to shop online these days. We have invested to bring you the very best knife shopping experience on the web today.

We are thrilled to announce that today we launched 10 new versions of www.theknifeconnection.net, completing full compatibility with all screen resultions from mobile phones, all the way to bigscreen monitors. iPad users can now enjoy a special tablet layout in portrait mode, or rotate your iPad to landscape mode to shop using desktop layout!

There are 3 main layouts for desktop users, and the layout will automatically switch to the best layout depending on your screen resolution. Those with full HD monitors will enjoy a wide content-filled viewing experience with more products per row. Those of you with medium sized monitors will enjoy a fantastic viewing experience as well, but usually with one less item per row in "grid" view. There is even a small desktop layout which will work perfectly for extra small laptops, netbooks, or higher resolution tablets.

theknifeconnection.net is now perfectly compatible and optimized for all iProducts, iPods, iPads, iPhones, and of course, Laptops and Desktops from Apple.

Tested with over 100 resolutions, our new multi-layout website should be a prefect fit for you, whether you are on the road using your phone, at lunch with your tablet, or in the office or home with your desktop computer.

We would absolutely love to hear how the new experience works for you on your devices. Our development philosophy is one of active improvement. Feel free to drop us a note!

Kindest Regards,