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Micro Canadian II (154 CM Steel)


This Micro-Canadian II model features Crucible Steel's 154CM stainless steel. 154CM was chosen over the standard 12C27 because it is more corrosion resistant with it's higher chromium content and it's superior edge holding because of it's almost 50% increase in carbon content.

The lanyard tube has been changed from the standard 3/16" to 1/4" to make these 154CM versions easier to spot.

The Micro-Canadian and Micro-Canadian II are the idea of Sgt. Mike Brown. Back in 2003 Bark River Knife owner Mike Stewart sent Sgt. Brown a Mini-Canadian and He loved it but thought there was an even Smaller-Handy-Model Hiding inside. A few prototypes were made then tested and the rest is history. The Micro-Canadian II is the Stainless Steel version of the Micro Canadian. The Micros have been a backbone of the Bark River line up and there have been thousands of them sold over the years. The Micro-Canadian II is a pocket size knife that will do pounds of work for it's just over 1 ounce of weight. These Micro Canadian knives are like scalpels and still have plenty of edge spine for use. The three finger grip on the Micro allows tremendous edge control for both fine tasks and heavier cutting. The Micro-Canadian II Is the Knife that the U.S.M.C. Force Recon folks use as the companion to the Bravo-1. The Micro Canadian has been specifically designed to be as compact as possible. This great little knife is all business when it comes to hard work. The finger grooved handle gives you a very secure grip in the hand. You will be astounded by it's performance! With an overall length of 5 inches it is easy to carry as a pocket knife. The Micro is a perfect "every day carry" knife. The cutting edge is 1.750" from the plunge line to the point. This little brother to the Mini-Canadian is a great companion to a larger knife in the field. It affords amazing edge control for fine work but is not a delicate knife. You can use as much power as necessary to accomplish tasks at hand. Construction is full exposed tang. The handle scales are epoxied for a lifetime of reliable use.

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