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LT Wright Knives: Bushcrafter Mark II (Scandi Grind) Fixed Blade Bushcraft Knife w/ Green Canvas Micarta Handle & Red Liners - Matte Finish

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The Bushcrafter Mark II is a larger version of the ever popular L T Wright Handcrafted Knives Bushcrafter knife. It is capable of handling most any medium to large outdoor task. This knife features a Scandi Grind which provides a lot of steel in the blade making it ideal for extra hard use. The thing that is different about a Scandi ground knife is that the long flat grind on either side runs straight to the edge. There is no small edge bevel as the two long grinds on each side meet at the edge. The result is that the edge is in the exact same plane as either of the long grinds. The blade can function very similarly to a wood chisel because of this and can shave wood at low angles with ease. It's fairly easy to sharpen a scandi grind and maintaining an angle is no more complicated than laying the knife blade angle flat on the stone. When working with wood, getting the knife to bite at a consistent shallow angle is done the same way.

The Bushcrafter Mark II is a great knife for any type of outdoor use from large game carcass breakdown to shelter building to batoning wood. Even though it is a large-sized knife, it carries well. A classic outdoor style knife that has proved its worth over the years.

This fine knife features A2 tool steel which has proven itself over the years as one of the best carbon steels available. A2 tool steel will take a very keen edge, is abrasive resistant and tough which makes this an excellent knife for aggressive users. A2 steel is harder than some other carbon steels and will hold an edge longer. It also has 5% chromium added making it somewhat less susceptible to rusting compared to some other carbon steels.

The Bushcrafter Mark II measures 9 5/8 inches overall and features a 4 7/8 inch cutting edge. The blade thickness is 5/32 of an inch and it weighs 10.3 ounces. The blade width from spine to cutting edge is 1 3/8 inches.

The custom quality of every aspect of this knife will impress you! Get one of these highly sought after knives today... You won't be disappointed!

A hip style, heavy duty leather pouch sheath with a 3/8 inch firesteel loop is included.

Blade Length:
Blade Steel:
A2 Tool Steel
Blade Thickness:
5/32" (3.97 mm)
Blade Type:
Spear Point
LT Wright Handcrafted Knives
Handle Material:
Green Canvas Micarta, Matte Finish
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
10.3 oz
Overall Length:
9 5/8"
Rockwell Hardness:
57-59 RC
Lifetime against knife defects
Was looking for a heavy duty field knife and had trouble deciding between an Esee 6, a LT Wright Woodsman Pro and a Bushcrafter Mark 2. All 3 knives showed up from OH to CA in 2 days - which was super fast shipping and much quicker than I expected (thank you Dale!) The Esse 6 was just too big for what I was looking for, the Woodsman Pro was super sweet but too small, the Bushcrafter was perfect. I love the handle which some reviews complained about, calling it a broomhandle - but it fills the hand and doesn't 'bite' your hand while batoning, it was way more comfortable than the Esee 6. The green canvas handles have a bit of texture and are not slick like some other knives I have and the red liners give it an old school cool look. The leather holster rides high (you can add a dangler if you want) but is comfortable as the top of the handle is domed so the butt end doesn't rub your waist while sitting or climbing up and over things while hiking. It has substantial weight for it's size, feels almost like a small hatchet in your hand. I love it.
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