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LT Wright Knives #11 Leather Drop Loop Back WITHOUT Firesteel Loop - Brown

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This Small Leather Drop Loop Back is compatible with all sheaths of like hole spacings. Please see hole spacings diagram above to ensure proper fit for your sheath. Additional holes may be drilled as necessary using a 1/4" drill bit.

It measures approx. 6.5" tall and 2.5" wide, and weighs 1.5 oz.

Attaching hardware includes 5 Chicago screws/Screw posts/Binding posts, 2 extra long 3/4" screws, and 6 rubber washers. The rubber washers go between the leather back and the sheath.

Fits belts up to 2" in width

Does NOT include firesteel loop. To view this product with firesteel loop, click here

Made in USA from heavy top grain leather, this Drop Loop Back will last for years.

LT Wright Handcrafted Knives
Total Weight:
1.5 oz

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