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Lon Humphrey Free Firesteel!

Only 8 left in stock!

Purchase any Lon Humphrey Rustic Bravo knife, and this quality Antler Handled Firesteel (valued at $62.95!) will automatically be added to your cart, for free!

Lon Humphrey Custom
I love mine I purchased a while ago. quick to spark and easy to hold onto.
The only thing keeping me from giving this 5 stars is that it doesn't fit the sheath that came with my knife. I stretched out the hole to make the rod work, but the antler handle is still too broad to allow it to fit without putting unnecessary pressure on the sheath. As a firesteel it works well and is obviously beautiful. I may drill a hole in it so I can hang it around my neck and just put a flat-handled firesteel in this sheath.
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