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Little Creek


The extremely popular Little Creek is the smallest version of the Professional Series. The Fox River, Highland Special and the Woodland Special are the knives that the Little Creek was developed from. This smaller version is just the right size for pocket carry or use as a companion to the larger models in the series. It's a great knife for small to medium-sized game animal preparation. The drop point design & size lend themselves very well to a variety of tasks which makes the Little Creek a great every day carry knife. This model is perfect for smaller tasks in camp and makes an excellent caper for fine work. It is the perfect companion for Bark River Knives' Fox River hunting knife of the same series. The Little Creek is light and compact and is easy to pack or carry on any outdoor excursion. The Little Creek can also be carried in piggy back with the larger models using Bark River Knives' Modular System.

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