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Liten Bror (Little Brother) (3V Steel)


The Liten Bror is a smaller version of the very popular Aurora knife. This is the second Bark River knife to feature CPM3V "super steel".

CPM3V is a tool steel made by the Crucible Particle Metallurgy process. CPM3V steel is designed to provide maximum wear resistance to breakage and chipping while still being highly wear-resistant. This "super steel" offers impact toughness greater than A2 & D2 steels while providing excellent wear resistance and hardness. The CPM process produces very homogeneous, high quality steel characterized by superior dimensional stability, grindability and toughness compared to other steels produced by conventional processes. This steel could be considered a particle metallurgy A2 steel with added Vanadium and because it has a Chromium content of 7.5%, it is still a relatively low maintenance steel.

The Liten Bror is a compact, yet full-sized knife. This knife is a very convenient size & will handle a variety of tasks. It will surprise you in its ability to tackle larger jobs with ease. The smaller size makes it easy to pack and carry on any trip. A great knife for all bushcraft, hunting or any other outdoor chore.

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