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The Junglas is a premium, high-performance Survival/Bushcraft/Outdoor knife. It is a no-nonsense knife that you can stake your life on when it comes to performace & durability. The reason? Because the people behind this knife developed it by experience & practical application... not theory. Whether you are in the military, a survivalist or an outdoorsman, this knife will soon become your best friend as you experience its superb form & function.

Do you have a big job that requires a BIG knife? The Junglas with its 10" blade is ideal for situations where a larger knife is needed and at 22.5 ounces, it packs a lot of power! It's a great knife for camp use and for most any big job bushcraft need.

The specially designed handle provides a sure, comfortable grip to help reduce fatigue. It also features a blunt pommel with lanyard hole and a plain cutting edge.