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Dale, I gotta say, your customer service and fast shipping is boarder line crazy! I ordered my esee 4 Blade to go along with my TKC scales on July 3 and saw that it was shipped same day... I received it this morning-July 5 via priority mail. I didn't even know that priority mail ran on the 4th of July. We'll talk about a great American product, the esee 4 pairs with your handles and your service really shows what it is to be an American. Please feel free to copy this and post it to the new site. I hope everyone can share in the TKC experience. By the way. The Esee 4 is absolutely transformed from a great knife to the best knife I've felt in the $100-200 price range.... Probably beyond. Wow. That's all I can say Dale. Wow. I work in a big city police department, and am very used to getting low quality and refurb bad gear and making due. Nope. This has been awesome product and service. I'll be using the 4 to process wood for the bonfire tonight. Thanks again!
Dale, I just installed your ESEE 4 Series Custom Sporting/Field Handle Kit, and the difference is incredible. The fits my hand perfectly. The material is smooth, attractive and the new scales are perfectly sized. I can now use the knife the way I've always intended to.
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