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I have ordered 3 times from here for a total of 5 different ESEE knives. Awesome selection. Have purchased knives for myself, my daughters, and my boss. Every order has been processed within a few hours with whiplash speed shipping. Very much appreciated. Thank you !
Hey there. I just wanted to take a minute and recognize your great customer service and products. The handle I ordered for my BK2 shipped the same day I ordered it and made it all the way to California only two days later. Once installed, it completely changed the dynamic of the knife, in all of the best ways possible. You guys even supplied the hex wrench I needed to take the factory handle off! Good products and customer service seem to be passing fad these days, so I really appreciate your efforts.
Thank You!
I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome knife and handles!
Smooth and quick shipping to Canada!

Thank you for your excellent service. I ordered three knives from TKC over the part few weeks, and they have all shipped within hours of placing the order and arrived more quickly than I could have anticipated. Also, your prices are outstanding. From now on TKC will be my go to vendor for all of my knife and knife accessory needs.
Your prices are extremely reasonable, your shipping time is fast, and your responses are timely. I've spent a fair amount of money on your products recently and I figured it was time I let you know just how much I enjoy buying though you. Thanks for doing business the right way. I look forward to purchasing more from you in the future.
Great service, great company. I received my order in a few days.
I just wanted to let you know I very much appreciate the extremely quick processing of my order. From ordered to shipped in a few short hours, can't beat that! Looking forward to receiving my first ESEE knife, customized with convenience on your website.
I would like to say that the guys over here at Knife Connection are the real deal. Ethan the operations manager responded super fast and really went above and beyond. It is rare to receive customer service at this level anymore. I'm glad to know that this level of service hasn't been forgotten. A big thank you goes out to Ethan and the guys over at knife connection.
I just received my ESEE CM6, what an awesome knife , quick service , and the CHEAPEST PRICES, and i like that !!!! Ill be sure to give my return service Thank You
I received my Bark River yesterday and I just want to thank you for your excellent service (packaging, labeling etc)! Hassle-free and simple, just the way it should be. I will gladly do business with you again!
Thanks for the great service! I recently ordered a set of scales and a sheath for my Esee 6, and the prices, shipping, and quality of the products are all outstanding! Keep up the good work!
Can't say enough good things about the service and speed of TKC. Great folks who understand what customer service is all about. Highly recommend them to all my friends, both real and virtual.
Thank you for your efforts in answering my questions and processing my order.
I look forward to the use of my new knife as well as doing business with you in the future.
I will recommend you to anyone in need of the products your organization offers.
I've made two calls to TKC and that's all it took. When other companies wouldn't answer my calls or emails, TKC have been nothing but helpful. I will recommend and keep doing bussiness with them as long as I'll need a sharp edge. The knife I bought is an ESEE 6.
Best knife purchase ever.... Ordered the ESEE-5 along with pouch and MOLLE backer and was not disappointed at all.... That is a nice slab of steel.... Just assembled the rig and the knife hangs well.... Looking forward to putting it to use.... OBTW, I failed to mention the superb shipping time.... Ordered on the 5th and delivered on the 8th all with standard free shipping.... That's customer service.... You've won my loyalty....
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