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I received my ESEE 6 yesterday…Fantastic!

Thanks for the excellent customer service and prompt delivery. The Knife Connection has now become my new “go to” site for purchasing knives…as long as I can afford the exchange rate lol. I’ll be picking up another ESEE from you folks in the near future.

I’m very happy with your product selection and customer service.

Made my first order to The Knife Connection. Couldn't be more happy. Excellent customer service, fast shipping and great prices. Just made my second order. Keep up the great work.
Your scales are awesome! Great quality and you have a new customer for my Ontario rat 3 ( just got my esee 3 ones). Thanks for the amazing quality product!
This #54 Red River Jack that I just got today is the most beautiful traditional folder that I've ever had in my hands. Thanks for the super fast shipping and extra packing material. I'll be buying more from you shortly. Thanks
Dale and his knife business are second to none. Excellent prices with very fast shipping. Received my ESEE Junglas-II knife in 2-days. Will continue to conduct business with TKC. Highly recommended.
Placed my order for an esee 5 got it for a great price, it shipped the same day and I had it exactly a week later in Ireland. Great company to deal with and I highly recommend them.
I received my ESEE 3 build today. I have to say that every good thing I have seen about your company are ABSOLUTELY TRUE! The knife was purchased online on Sunday and Monday I had an email that it was shipped. Actually 3 emails confirming order and shipping with a thank you for the order. On top of that a link to track my knife. So in 4 1/2 days I have my awesome knife in hand (I chose the free shipping option). The knife and scales are perfect- could not find any fault with the grind (and i looked). Perfect that the kit came with hardware for the ESEE 3 and 4 with clear instruction on what was what. I have checked out your other stuff price wise and in most cases you are actually LOWER in price (even compared to Amazon). In conclusion I am a very happy knife buyer as I was sketchy on spending so much on a knife. The ultimate in customer service was the the hand written thank you on the packing slip from the packer! These small things go a long way towards customer satisfaction. I will recommend TKC to my friends and coworkers. Thank you for the great service you offer.
I have received my Esee 4 and love it! I already had one but I bought the molle setup and needed another knife to fill it. Anyway it was super fast shipping! Hope to order again soon!
Placed my order on Friday. Shipped the same day and arrives today Monday. I placed orders with 2 different companies for different knives and the Outpost hasn't even shipped that order yet. I'll definitely check here first from now on.
Great stag G.E.C. # 38...Great price and service THANKS
Excellent service and fantastic products, cant wait to by from TKC again. Thanks from AUSTRALIA.
Great experience! Very easy to navigate the site and payment was quick and secure. I would and will be buying from again.
Being a lefty getting knives with left handed sheaths has been a pain for me at other shops. I mentioned it in the comments section at the checkout and just like that my LT Wright showed up with a left handed sheath. Might sound like a small thing but its nice to have a factory sheath. Your store has great shipping north of the border and great customer service. Best online knife store going in my books!!

I have the typical accolades for these people,regarding their excellent
customer service,technical advice,stock levels,and shipping.
THE PLUS that I can add is that this company is "female shopper friendly".
My daughter just bought a birthday present for me (Esee 3) and stated
that the transaction "was painless",which is a compliment.
Just received my sheath after finding an unbeatable price on a quality ESEE-4 blade. The right side leather sheath is well crafted and provides a very snug fit to the blade and rides just low enough. Snap over is a bonus. The knife itself is wildly high quality, already proving to be a tank! To say 'I did some research' is just damn silly. Exhaustively, I found the price for the ESEE 4 with the leather sheath is just unbeatable. This is a great complete beginner system that is beyond affordable. You guys have my loyalty.
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