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Hunters Pocket Sheath - Black

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This pocket sheath was designed as an elegant, wallet-like sheath with the capability to carry a small knife and another essential item.

When hunting in the cold, we usually wear a long jacket which extends down past the waistline in order to maintain more body heat.

This creates a problem because when we need our knife, it's usually on the belt which is inside the coat. That's inconvenient and it gets cold when you open your coat to get your knife.

Hunting in heavy cover is yet another problem for carrying your knife on the belt. You want to be quiet when moving about in the woods and already have your hands full with your gun. A knife on your belt is can also snag on tree limbs. Another issue with hunting is being out before daylight & after dark. Of course a flashlight is in order under these circumstances so a place to carry your flashlight with your knife makes sense.... everything you need in one package.

This sheath is 1 1/4" longer and 1/2" wider than the Adirondack providing room for you to carry a full size knife and whatever you choose to put in the generous pocket from a flashlight, folding knife, match safe, lighter or a combination of essential items.

The Hunter's Pocket Sheath is a first rate sheath made by Sharpshooter Sheath Systems.
Black Leather

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