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Higgins & Peak Fine Knives



Higgins & Peak Fine Knives is located roughly 40 miles outside of Denver in Bennett Colorado. Our studio/workshop is approximately 4000 Sq. Ft, and contains all the equipment necessary to build our knives entirely in-house. This includes blade grinding, hafting, polishing, heat-treating, machining, programming, metrology, and assembly. Our knives are hand-made and designed/built in-house with our resources. This ensures the finest quality and craftsmanship in each knife we produce.

Higgins & Peak Fine Knives, was formed when the owners, Jay Higgins and Brett Peak joined forces to build a business capable of keeping up with growing demand. Formerly known as Higgins Custom Knives, we added additional equipment, design resources and manufacturing capabilities to better serve our customers and growing market.


The Higgins & Peak brand builds high-end, hand-made knives. Practical function, with the artistry and beauty of fine jewelry.

We are passionate about designing and building unique, beautiful, hand-made, functionally elegant knives for the collector and user alike, by combining the age-old tradition of knife making with modern design, precision and materials. Each piece is hand-ground and built using the finest blade steel, state-of-the-art alloys, rare fossils, stones and rich burl woods.

Knives are designed utilizing years of knife-making experience, time honored principles and the power of modern CAD/CAM software. Designs are built by hand, tested and proven. The final product must have the right feel, weight and controllability. Just as importantly, it must have the elegance, personality and originality or a custom knife.

Where necessary, as in our folding knives we utilize state-of-the-art CNC machining, metrology and materials to ensure the perfect fit and function of key mechanisms. These components are then assembled by hand and the knife takes on its new life in the hand of an expert knife-maker. Finely shaping, grinding, sharpening and polishing the knife into a one-of-kind article, bringing together the perfect balance of precision and craftsmanship.


Jay Higgins has been making knives on the Front Range of Colorado for nearly 26 years. With 12 years of prior experience as a machinist, toolmaker and engineer, Jay had a perfect background for the world of knife making. Starting as a toolmaker for Western Cutlery in 1989, he went on to form his own production knife company when Western closed. He owned Colorado Cutlery in Berthoud Colorado for 12 years making both his own production knives and grinding blades for other companies including David Boye Knives, Busse Combat Knives, Gerber Knife Co. and Pro Tech.

Jay closed Colorado Cutlery in 2002 and formed Higgins Custom Knives after deciding to concentrate on hand-ground, custom knives. This provided Jay the opportunity to be more creative in design and material choice. Using only the best cutlery steels and handle materials is crucial to the making of a fine custom knife. Jay became an expert in crafting custom knives utilizing a variety of fossil material along with beautiful stabilized woods for the handles of his knives. Jay put a little bit of himself into each creation, making each knife unique in its own right. Jay believes that since knives were man's first tools, each of his knives, no matter how beautiful or exotic, must perform its intended function.

That philosophy has not changed and in 2014, Jay joined forces with Brett Peak to build a company that could better serve his emerging market and the strong demand for his knives.

Brett was the CEO of a precision foundry, machining and prototype company that specialized in producing highly-engineered production-quality prototypes for companies like John Deere, Tesla Motors and Lockheed Martin. He started his profession as a mechanical engineer 25 years ago and his career never drifted away from custom manufacturing.

Higgins & Peak Fine Knives was born in October of 2014 and the expanded technical and manufacturing capabilities of the new company quickly came to bear with the introduction of a new-liner lock gentleman's folding line, with a button-lock folder to be released soon. The name might be new, but the commitment to the time-honored traditions of knife making, excellence and personal service live on.

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