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Gunny Hunter (Elmax Steel)


The Bark River Knives' Gunny Hunter is the drop point version of the standard Gunny and it’s now available with Uddeholm Steel's hugely popular Elmax stainless steel! This steel has been winning over knife enthusiasts around the world due to its superior characteristics and performance.

All Gunny Hunters are rampless and feature a Hunter Saber Ground blade. The terminal geometry of the edge is a little thinner than the standard Gunny and is made more for field work and hunting purposes than the standard model. The size of the Gunny Hunter is just right for dressing medium to large-sized game animals such as deer, hogs and elk. It is very practical for light to medium bushcraft chores as well.

The Gunny Hunter handle scales are contoured in the same style as the Bravo series knives.

This handy knife is one of the most versatile knives in Bark Rivers line and as sales prove (number 2 behind the Bravo 1), it is one of the most popular knives that Bark River offers as well! If you are an outdoorsman/woman, you owe it to yourself to own one of these fine knives!

About Bohler/Uddeholm Elmax Stainless Steel

Elmax stainless steel is a third generation steel using powder metal technology. It is noted for its fine and even carbide distribution with extremely low inclusion content for virtually no edge chip-out. It provides just what knife users want… an excellent balance between corrosion resistance, toughness, edge retention and the ability to sharpen it to a razors edge without difficulty. Elmax stainless steel is the “super steel” of choice for discerning knife users who want TOP performance from their knives!

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