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Gunny Hunter 3V Smooth Spine


The Bark River Knives Gunny has now moved into second place in overall sales of Bark River knives and it is now available in a new model. The new Gunny Hunter is the drop point version of the standard Gunny. All Gunny Hunters are rampless and are available with and without jimping on the spine. The Gunny Hunter also features a Hunter Saber Grind on the blade. The terminal geometry of the edge is a little thinner than the standard Gunny and is made more for field work and hunting purposes than the standard model. The size of the Gunny Hunter is just right for dressing medium to large-sized game animals such as elk. It is very practical for light to medium bushcraft chores as well. If you are an outdoorsman/woman, you owe it to yourself to own one of these fine knives!

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