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Grasso Bolo III


Folks… What we have here is one massive cutting tool! Are you man enough to handle the Grasso Bolo III?

The Bark River Knives Grasso Bolo III is an extremely powerful slasher/chopper. At 27.5 ounces and featuring a serpentine grind and heavy weight forward, the Grasso Bolo III excels at brush clearing, delimbing and small tree removal. It also will handle large and very large game carcass break-down very well.

The serpentine grind follows the contour of the cutting edge instead of going up higher to the spine which leaves more weight at the blade tip. This design should add more velocity when doing snap cuts. Knives with a non-parabolic curve are naturally easy to use with the normal ergonomic swing of the arm. This can be enhanced by using a snap cut technique. You rock the knife back, loosely holding the knife with the thumb and first finger and as you quickly descend with the blade, you close your hand just past the apex of the swing to accelerate the blade before impact. The large “sweet spot” is just behind the widest part of the blade for maximum effect in both cutting and chopping. Once this technique is mastered, you will accomplish more with less work. You will find this knife to be very well balanced and easy to use.

5160 was chosen for the blade steel because of its extreme toughness.

The Grasso Bolo III is a very powerful tool that every outdoorsman will appreciate. Whether you are clearing shooting lanes for your deer stand in Ohio or breaking down a moose carcass in Alaska, the Grasso Bolo III will get the job done quickly and efficiently!

Oh… Did I mention it is one great looking knife too?!

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