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The L.T. Wright Knives Genesis is all business. With features such as heavy duty synthetic or wood scales and heavy duty fasteners, it will get the job done no matter what the circumstances may be. LT Wright Knives takes the time to do the little things that can make a BIG difference like making sure the epoxy isn't just on the scales, but around every bit of the hardware to ensure that the scale is securely and completely sealed to the blade. Additional features are the thumb scallops on each side of the handle allowing for more comfortable control when doing more detailed work. The spine is sharpened like an ice skate so the edge is 90 degrees to allow the spine of the knife to work as hard as the cutting edge. Whether you're getting a tinder bundle scraped off a branch or striking a ferro rod off of it, using the spine for such tasks will allow you to save the cutting edge for cutting needs.

The Genesis is not only a great purchase value up front, it will also be valued for years by providing efficient, dependable service.