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Fiddleback Forge (Andy Roy) 12" Machete - Natural Canvas Micarta - Leather Sheath

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These are real machetes made from 1075 steel with proper and traditional machete heat treat. We designed the handle to give some protection for your fingers that just isn't present on most machetes. This allows us to bring the edge all the way down the blade, so that the knife can do bushcrafting chores such as notching with ease. In addition, the khukuri style bulge in the handle allows for chopping with the hand in two positions using varying amount of wrist snap. This machete also features a distal tapered blade so it is thinner at the widest point while still providing plenty of lateral strength. This allows the machete to be faster in the hand thus providing better chopping efficiency.

Includes a leather sheath.

Blade Finish:
Blade Length:
Blade Steel:
1075 Carbon
Blade Thickness:
Blade Type:
Drop Point
Fiddleback Forge
Convex Cutting Edge
Handle Material:
Natural Canvas Micarta
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
15.4 oz
Overall Length:
Full Flat
Limited Lifetime
First rate service from The Knife Connection. Ordered on Sunday had it Wednesday
Fiddleback 12 inch knife is just what i was looking for, Handle is great. Blade thickness at 0.100 inch and carbon steel is very easy to resharpen.
I do not use a knife where a small hatchet or small axe should be used.
I've had other large knives from 3/16 to 1/4 inch thick and they were not friendly to sharpen in the field. I eventually sold them.
This will be a all around user: camp knife, fish gutting, game processing . and self defense if needed.
Sheath is robust.
I like this knife.
I will not hesitate to buy another if ever need one. However they seem to be in short supply- The Knife Connection is the only side I found that had inventory.
First of all, let's get some things out of the way, things that may frustrate some people:
- you may not get a bullseye lanyard hole that's in the picture, mine had a stainless steel tube.
- the convex grind might be rough, I wouldn't expect a smooth gradual convex edge.
- the finish comes off pretty easily with use, which is what I assume you're planning on doing.

Why do I still give this machete 5 stars? Because none of the aforementioned criteria matter to me. This shorty is a tool, albeit a fancy looking one. Here's what matters to me:
- the handle is very comfortable to use (I have medium size hands). I used it in 3 grips: saber grip for cutting, high hammer grip (choked up) for whittling, and pinch grip for chopping, and the handle is very comfortable with all three. If you like to choke back for chopping, that one is also comfortable, and you don't need the ever-so-awkward three-finger grip at the back. The handle is plenty long, just grab it lower.
- It's a great balance between a large knife and a full size machete. The blade is very fast, and yet it offers a lot of control.
- It's easy to use all day long. Short, light blade on a comfortable handle makes for a very comfortable tool to use for long periods of time without tiring your wrist.
- The edge is pulled back all the way to the handle. On most machetes, the sharpened edge starts a few inches away from the handle. On this one, it starts right at the choil/guard, making it easy to use as a knife.
- It comes with a solid quality leather sheath.
- The blade is made by Imacasa (some of the best machete blades on the market) to Fiddleback Forge design, and the handle is made by Fiddleback Forge. The micarta feels great in hand, grippy but not too much.

I'm very happy with this purchase. Sure, you can get a functioning machete for cheaper. You can get excellent machetes (Imacasa, Tramontina, Marbles etc.) if you just want great blades, Condor or Ontario machetes if you want to upgrade to better handle materials and quality sheaths (Condor handles seem to be too big and bulky, at least for my hands). However, if you want a great blade, very comfortable handle made of great handle material, and quality sheath all in one package, I would strongly recommend this short machete.
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