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ESEE Knives: Laser Strike Kydex Sheath (Black)

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This is the original ESEE Laser Strike Kydex Sheath. It is a heavy duty Kydex Sheath.

ESEE Knives
Overall Length:
6 3/4" (17.14 cm)
Unconditional Lifetime
3.0 oz
This is my first Kydex sheath, and for a traditionalist it was a big step. Kydex is a plastic and to my eye it can't ever be as good looking as a well made leather sheath. That said, I don't know but what it functions more efficiently in the work that a sheath must do. Beauty aside.

First off: the blade is held securely, in fact the degree of effort to remove the knife from the sheath is adjustable until mere mortals can find it difficult. But the knife will still come out just fine if you've got the oomph.

The fit is perfect, nothing less. As far as finish, I was worried about the possibility of sharp edges, every edge has been buffed gently rounded to a very professional finish.

Once I'd decided on just how tightly I wanted the knife gripped in the sheath, I tightened down on the adjusting screw and washer set-up. A few days later I noticed the rubber washer that's there to provide friction, being pushed out from under it's place on the screw head. I think the idea is that the tension can be adjustable by sliding the adjustment screw up or down with your thumb. I don't need or want any change in the tension, so I had it snugged it down tight. Too tight for the rubber washer.
No problem, I got three nylon washers from the hardware store, placed them between the sides of the sheath and secured them in place with the provided screw. My knife still "clicks" securely in place and there's no way anything is moving. Of course I've given up the ability to adjust the tension while I'm wearing it.

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