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ESEE Knives: ESEE-LS-P, Laser Strike Black Plain Edge Blade & Green Canvas Micarta Handle, Black Kydex Sheath, Clip Plate, Fire Starter

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The ESEE Laser Strike combines the best features of bushcraft/survival knives with a fire kit to create a unique hybrid system. In 1999, Randall's Adventure & training set out to design a knife named after a late 1990s South American counter-drug operation called "Operation Laser Strike." In 2000, TOPS knives received the manufacturing job for the first Laser Strike, which has since been re-introduced from Rowen Manufacturing. True to its original concept, the ESEE Laser Strike sets a new standard for bushcraft/survival knife designs.

The flat ground 1095 carbon steel blade is 3/16" thick, yet only weighs 9.5oz, making it excellent for situations where a larger knife is needed yet is light enough to make carrying easy. The spear point blade is ideal for drilling and piercing tasks. This knife is well balanced, making it capable for small as well as large tasks. The overall length is 10", and has a cutting edge of 4.75", making it a great blade for batoning. The 3/4" finger choil area right behind the cutting edge makes the knife adept at delicate tasks such as carving, making fuzz sticks, or slicing food. The blade width measures 1.38" from cutting edge to spine, and the razer sharp cutting edge is sharpened to approximately 20 degrees. With Rowen's highly respected heat treat process, you can be sure your blade will hold its edge exceptionally well. The blades' textured power coat is exceedingly durable, and will not wear off easily. The Laser Strike is a great knife for general camp or woods/survival use and for most any bushcraft needs.

The removable handles are made of Micarta, which is a durable material, created from soaking layers of linen cloth/canvas in resin, then compressing them under heat and pressure. The right side of the handle sports a bow drill divot which shows the extent of thought ESEE put into designing this knife. A flat washer comes secured to the Kydex sheath, for the purpose of removing the handle slabs. Tip: Adding a second washer to your setup may make the handle removal easier. The screws are slotted oval head, and the washer works quite well. Removing the handle scales reveals the hollowed out storage area which contains a Ferrocerium fire starting flint and 2 tinder tabs. Obviously, a swiss army knife or other multi-tool would also be a fine option for removing the handle scales.

Is it possible to improve upon such a great design? Well, we think so. Improving the handle comfort and style of the Laser Strike is easily achieved by installing our very popular custom G-10 handle scales, which are available in a wide variety of colors. They feature a palm swell, smooth ergonomic contouring, and increased storage space. Our custom scales bolt on easily, and will transform the function, feel, and appearance of your knife. We have hollowed out the inside of our custom G-10 scales to accomodate up to 2 ESEE AH-1 Arrowheads in addition to the fire-making kit included with the Laser Strike. Of course, if you prefer not to carry the AH-1 Arrowheads, you may fill this extra space with your own choice of survival gear such as fish hooks, string, safety pins, etc. This additional storage space can be used to further prepare you for the unexpected.

The ESEE Laser Strike is a multi-functional knife you can stake your life on when it comes to performance & durability. The people behind this knife developed it by experience & practical application... not theory. ESEE Knives is the only knife maker that hires full-time trainers and adventurers to develop and test their products, and conduct training in global wilderness environments.

ESEE Knives' innovative Sheath System provides the user with numerous carry options for tactical and wilderness environments. The Laser Strike comes with an ambidextrous Kydex sheath, and the "Adjustible Sheath Tensioner" screw allows you to fine-tune your knife-in-sheath fit. The sheath screws are made from stainless steel. The lashing holes facilitate storing a length of 550 paracord by wrapping around the sheath and through the open holes. The attached paracord can be threaded through the sheath to form a belt loop, fashioned to create a leg strap, or used as a pommel lanyard

This Knife comes with a unique serial number, Ambidextrous Kydex Sheath with Adjustible Tensioner, Belt Clip Plate, Paracord Lanyard, Cord Lock, Handle Removal Washer, 2 Tinder Tabs & Ferrocerium / Magnesium Fire Flint.

Following are some possible use scenarios for ESEE Laser Strike fixed-blade knife.
  • Survival
  • Firecraft
  • Camping
  • Shelter Building
  • Hiking / Backpacking / Trekking
  • Bushcraft / Woodcraft / Carving
  • Batoning
  • Hunting
  • Military
  • Tactical
  • Fishing
  • Snare Making
  • General Purpose Utility Use
  • Cycling / Mountain Biking
  • Personal Protection
  • Police & Rescue

This product is packaged in a heavy plastic bag

Blade Finish:
Textured Powder Coat
Blade Steel:
1095 Carbon
Blade Thickness:
3/16" (4.77 mm)
Blade Type:
Spear Point
ESEE Knives
Cutting Edge Length:
4 1/2" (11.43 cm)
Handle Material:
Green Canvas Micarta
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Overall Length:
10" (25.4 cm)
Rockwell Hardness:
57 RC
Kydex Sheath W/ Clip Plate
Thumb Jimping
Unique Features:
Bow Drill Divot
Unconditional Lifetime
Weight (Knife Only):
9.5 oz
I bought a couple of these last year from Dale and tested one of them to the point of ridiculousness; I have not broke, bent, or chipped it will dent with a hammer. I am getting rid of all other longer knives since they don't take the place of my machete, Laser strike, and Izula SS combo. I worked in Park Services as well as Enforcement so I know how the authorities look at big knife guys roaming the city or woods...this once is just bellow that size and non threatening but big on performance. "Specific Performance Designed"..Multi-tool...USAF Survival (Know your area Knife Laws). The blade shape makes it legal "technically" in some areas that restrict Bowie blades...its a spear.
Add the online kydex sheath cost ($40) then the micarta scales ($35) and I don't understand how the blade can be $ 25 with a lifetime guarantee and ESEE stay in business PLUS throw in Dales' free shipping and this is a fantastic value! Dale has the best prices and fastest shipping I have seen! BUY ONE!
I recently ordered this knife as a replacement for my Cold Steel SRK. It shipped quickly (Thank you, TKC!) and the fit and finish is great. This is my first ESEE knife, and with the quality and warranty ESEE provides, plus the fact that it's made in the USA, it's well worth it. The sheath is great. I have a Tek-Loc on the way for it.

I do wish ESEE made the MOLLE backing an option vs the belt clip, so you could choose either one or the other when ordering a knife.
I love this knife. I have had my Laser Strike for over a year now. Ordered it in late 2015. It arrived on time and as described. At the time TKC had the best price and still does. I also ordered the pouch that mounts to the sheath. It is the same pouch for the 5 and 6. It will fit the laser strike. I am a scout leader in So Cal and we camp out at least once a month. I have used this knife in the Desert at the beach and in the scrub and pine forest we have around here. I have batoned pine and oak for fires. Made feather sticks and cut various types of cordage, packaging, tarps, canvas, etc. In other words all the general purpose things you do with a camp/woods/desert knife. I have dug Dakota fire holes, split larger longer pieces of wood for impromptu splints and various other wood craft uses. This knife has done everything ask of it and never not worked as it was designed to. It sharpens easily once you have dulled it which takes a while and all it took was some passes on a fine diamond hone. The handle did generate some hotspots after prolonged periods of use during some of the woodcraft projects. The coating and semi rounded spine does prevent the use of the included ferro/mag rod. I corrected the spine with a file and paint stripper. I stripped the coating of the blade which now requires a wipe down with oil from time to time and squared the spine to 90 degrees with a file. The knife now throws sparks really well from the spine and I do not have to trash my blade edge. I have just ordered the TKC G10 handles and that should fix the hot spot grip. TKC is listing this knife for under a hundred bucks which is a steal for such a quality product. This is just a great all around knife. It is not a chopper but it can chop. It is not a slicer but it does OK. This is one of those all around knives that you will have forever. I have knives from many manufactures, but this is the one that always goes with me and my Victorinox Tinker.
This is a great bushcraft knife, It fits well in my hand and I like the spear point for a number of survival reason. Make great feather sticks. Love it. Shipping is fast.
Does exactly what it was designed to do; makes bow drill sets with ease. Choil protects finger from slipping onto blade better than all ESEE's. Blade with no belly makes it almost as long as the ESEE6. I sold all my other ESEE's and plan to buy another LS. Folding Saw, ESEE LS, SAK Alox Farmer, SAK multi-tool and pocket knife are all the blades you need in the bush. Grew up in central Florida swamps pre-disney, taught survival and self defense for over 30 years so take it for what its worth. Tip: In a survival situation you better "OWN" land to roam, bury things, and grow food on or your gong to disarmed and rounded up for the urban holding zones as history has taught us. Survival fantasies do not allow one to trespass on private or public property, especially armed.
love this knife ,very identical to my Tops Black Star Evolution knife.
(its a Tops design) great for camping and hiking. i bought the g10 black scales that comes with esee arrows space build in from tkc . this knife will last a lifetime!!
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