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ESEE Knives: 52-POUCH-OD ESEE-5, 6, Laser Strike Accessory Pouch - OD Green

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This accessory pouch/pocket will bolt to the front of the ESEE-5, ESEE-6, or Laser Strike Sheaths.

NOTE: This pouch is NOT compatible with the ESEE Knives' CM-6 Sheath. The top two holes align, but the bottom two holes do not align.

This pouch will attach to the Laser Strike Sheath well, but requires about 1/4" of モpinching" to align the two bottom holes.

Attaching hardware is included to securely tighten the sheath and pouch together. The screws are long enough to fasten the pouch, sheath and MOLLE back together. This pouch will hold either the provided tin or a regular Altoids tin, as well as any other gear you can fit into the pocket. With a little creative thought, you will find many additional uses for this pouch. You may lash this pouch to your gear or packs by threading paracord through the grommet holes, and securing it to your gear or pack.

ESEE Knives
Overall Length:
4 1/2" (11.43 cm)
Unconditional Lifetime
3.5 oz

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