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TKC G10 Handle for ESEE Candiru - Blaze Orange

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Guaranteed to transform the look and function of your knife!
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Our ESEE Candiru G10 Handle is designed to provide a solid, comfortable grip for extended field use. We designed them with your hand in mind and how you use your Candiru. The ESEE Candiru G10 Handle features a finger groove at the front, providing comfort. The scales taper from front to back, giving you more grip. Each ESEE Candiru G10 Handle is CNC machined from a solid piece of premium G10.

Fits stock ESEE Knives sheaths.


Handle Length:
2 3/4" (6.98 cm)
Handle Material:
Handle Weight:
0.7 oz
EDIT: We have re-designed the TKC Custom Candiru handle so it snaps securely into the plastic sheath. It will now work excellent with both plastic sheath or the original cordura sheath option. The reason for the fit issue was due to the fact that the plastic sheath did not exist when we originally designed the Candiru handle. -- TKC

Absolutely fantastic product. These scales, IMO, are far superior to the Esee factory scales. The Esee scales are just too boxy and clunky (though still a good product) whereas these scales are beautifully rounded and even taper towards the blade to offer superior comfort in multiple grips. They fit perfectly flush with the tang of the knife, have a very mild sandpaper texture that offers great grip but is still perfectly comfortable. They do add a good bit of weight to the knife but that seems to just help plant it in your hand better anyway. My ONLY issue, and this may just be specific to me, is that once the scales were installed the knife no longer "snapped" into the factory sheath but after a minute of carefully shaving a notch in the sheath it fits fine. Could not be happier with these scales!!!
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